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Criminal Defense Lawyers and Injury Attorneys for New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New England

Anzalone Law Firm PLLC is one of New Hampshire's most hard working firms. We are diligent New Hampshire criminal defense attorneys and injury lawyers who put the client first. Serving clients throughout New England, we are a full service law firm. Aggressively representing both individual clients and businesses, our firm strives to provide the best representation no matter what area of law. Whether you need a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense lawyer in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, the team at Anzalone Law has you covered. With over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience at our disposal, you can trust the Anzalone Law Firm to provide your best defense. Simply put, you won't find another criminal lawyer who works hard to keep you out of trouble.

It doesn't matter what kind of charges you are facing, New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer Michael Anzalone can help. He has experience working on both state and federal cases, so whether you have been accused of a petty crime or you are facing more serious charges in federal court, we can be of assistance.

Michael Anzalone and his team at his office in Nashua, New Hampshire, are highly experienced at defending clients accused of criminal charges. From drug or driving while intoxicated charges to more serious crimes such as murder or armed robbery, we can step in and advise you. We are local and know the judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers.

And we care about your well-being. Our goal is to get the best possible outcome in your case. Here, you don't have to be embarrassed about the charges you are facing. We will work with you and prepare you step-by-step for the court proceedings. While criminal defense attorney Michael Anzaone would advise you to never get involved with criminal activity in the first place, he knows how to help you once you've been arrested.

With a wide range of client needs, we offer timely, competent and sometimes relentless service on a diversity of legal issues. From home visits for those who are injured to courthouses in some of New England's most remote areas, availability and personal service are our hallmark. We provide personal injury attorneys for all types of accidents. Free consultations are always available. We understand that your problems extend beyond banker's hours, and that's why we offer a free live chat 24/7. Call today to discuss your problem, or take a look around our website. If you been hurt because of someone else's negligence, get help from an aggressive personal injury lawyer in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Our firm website was designed to help potential and current clients navigate the complexities of a myriad of legal issues. Can't find what you're looking for? Call 603.548.3797 or email today and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Let the Anzalone Law Firm get you the justice you deserve. Serving people in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and beyond, our criminal defense attorneys and personal injury lawyers work hard to get you the best possible result and stand firm in protecting your rights.

Criminal Defense

Have you been arrested for a crime in New Hampshire or Massachusetts? If so, we can help. We have helped hundreds of defendants get the justice they deserve. From DWI to assault and felony drug possession, when your license or freedom is on the line insist on aggressive and thorough representation. Don't take chances with your freedom. Call the Anzalone Law Firm. Get a qualified New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer by your side.

Are you unhappy with the representation you are receiving from a private attorney or the public defender's office? You have the right to fire your private lawyer or public defender and hire a new criminal lawyer to represent you. It's not too late to get the lawyer you want. Call today.

Personal Injury

The Anzalone Law firm handles all areas of personal injury. From motorcycle accidents to dog bites, if you've been injured call the firm who gets the most for their clients. Using the latest in technology available we maximize our client's recovery in a competent and expedient manner. Whether you need an injury attorney for a car accident in Lawrence, Massachusetts or a dog bite lawyer in Nashua, NH, call Anzalone Law to maximize your recovery.

Oftentimes mobility is an issue for our clients. For that reason, we do make house calls. We will meet with clients after hours and outside the office. Let us come to you.

Family Law

Compassion through strength of representation is our motto with regard to family law. Getting through this difficult time requires competent representation with compassion, but also a strong stance on protecting your rights. If you are struggling with custody arrangements or the difficult task of separation, we can help. Protect you children by making sure your rights are not infringed. Be prepared for the difficult times, and let the Anzalone Law firm guide you through.

Child custody, parenting plans, child support order, separation, alimony, divorce, decision of assets and other matters of the NH family court and Massachusetts require the know how and experience of aggressive yet empathic attorneys. We care about you and your children. We work towards a quick resolution whenever possibly, and are prepared to fight long and hard if necessary.

Civil Litigation and Tax

In addition to representing people who need a New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer or an injury attorney in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, we offer an array of services to business and individuals in the areas of civil litigation and tax. From contracts to contract disputes and formation of business organizations like limited liability companies and corporations, let our knowledgeable tax and business attorney's help navigate you most complex decisions and disputes. If you need help creating a new company or dissolving an old, from asserting a mechanics lien to winding up a corporation, we have the experience you need to succeed.

In addition to our business services, we have extensive experience in tax law. Whether a complex planning issue or troubles with the IRS, let our experience serve you. Call our tax team, today.

Client Reviews
Great lawyer...Professional, organized, caring and effective. Michael is very informative and was always willing to explain the reasons behind what was being done. Can't say enough about how helpful he was every step of the way. It was really nice to feel like I actually understood what was going on with my case. Catherine Veilleux