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Nashua, NH

Phone: 603.548.3797

Nashua, NH

Phone: 603.548.3797


The Anzalone Law Firm is committed to upholding justice through ethical and aggressive legal counsel and representation for individuals throughout the state of New Hampshire. We fight hard for criminal defendants, the injured and out business clientele. Firm founder and attorney Michael Anzalone works diligently with Bruce Gage, of counsel, to help people overcome a wide range of legal hurdles relating to criminal defense, personal injury, and family law.

Successfully navigating the intricacies of the legal system on top of the stress often associated with what caused the legal troubles to begin with can be quite overwhelming. The legal team at The Anzalone Law Firm has successfully resolved numerous cases and knows what it takes to apply effective strategies and build a solid case. Our priority is to make handling your legal challenges as stress-free as possible.

Because our lawyers handle criminal defense, personal injury, and family law cases, we have a broad understanding of the law and are familiar with the possible arguments that could be made against your case. With the knowledge of how "the other side" thinks playing in our favor, you will receive quality guidance and representation.

By getting to know your predicament inside and out, our attorneys not only better understand the difficulties that you face, but will also help you determine the best course of legal action for your particular situation. With many years of experience, viable resources, and ample knowledge, the attorneys at The Anzalone Law Firm can help you get the results that you need and deserve to put your legal troubles behind you and get on with your life.

Our lawyers have exceptional educational backgrounds and competitive real life experience. But our knowledge goes beyond the classroom and courtroom. A lawyer must understand people, and we do. You need a lawyer who sees you as a person and not just another case file. We pride ourselves on personal relationships and life long clients. Many of our clients have returned for several different legal matters over the course of more than a decade.

Did you know it's almost never too late to fire a lawyer? We regularly take over cases from other firms. Don't delay with getting a second opinion. Another way the Anzalone Law Firm distinguishes itself is having a higher rate of customer satisfaction once a client switches lawyers. Often times the client won't even have to talk to their old lawyer. We will seamlessly make the transition to you and handle notifying your old law firm. Call us today and find out f making the change is right for you.

It's important to know who you're hiring, whether you need a lawyer for a business dealing, family law issue, personal injury or criminal defense. Act quickly, but also take the time to properly research your potential hire. At the Anzalone Law Firm we are proud of our accomplishments. We want our clients to know about us, but we also want our clients to know us personally. We enjoy what we do, and that includes making new friends along the way.

Community service is another passion of ours, and we love to get involved. We hope to see you out and about at community events. Whether it's Nashua, Manchester or maybe a smaller New Hampshire town or throughout New England the Anzalone Law Firm and it's staff enjoy engaging in the community and getting involved in local events.

Client Reviews
Great lawyer...Professional, organized, caring and effective. Michael is very informative and was always willing to explain the reasons behind what was being done. Can't say enough about how helpful he was every step of the way. It was really nice to feel like I actually understood what was going on with my case. Catherine Veilleux