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Golf Cart Accidents

Riding around in golf carts can be enjoyable and fun, especially in communities across the nation.

When operated at high-speeds or on the roads, many golf carts face dangers which cause collisions.

Vehicle collisions can involve golf carts, as well. Catastrophic personal injuries can result from vehicle collisions that involve golf carts.

Injuries which result from accidents with golf carts can be critical.

Golf carts do not require seat belts. Many of them are designed without seat belts for passengers to exit and enter in vehicles conveniently.

A golf cart, when turned at high-speeds sharply, can suffer catastrophic personal injuries, and be ejected.

Although bars are set in golf carts, referred to as handholds, they may not be effective to protect passengers from ejection at high speed rates.

Grabbing handholds, in fact, can cause even more severe injuries. Golf carts can result in a rollover.

Not always the case, but at times, golf cart accidents can involve other vehicles.

Operators and passengers, when golf carts are operated on the roads, can face the same dangers, which apply to trucks and automobiles.

Many accidents involving golf carts can be quite serious because many golf carts lack features of safety in which trucks and automobiles are equipped.

Golf Cart Laws

Averaging at $7,000, a golf cart can be quite affordable. At a mere penny a mile in gasoline, a golf cart is less expensive to operate than a regular vehicle.

Many drivers of trucks, automobiles, and motorcycles neglect golf carts on roadways. They race and swerve around him constantly, regarding them as having no rights to be on roadways. However, across the nation, many golf court laws stipulate golf carts can operate legally on secondary roads.

Children less than 16 years old can drive golf carts legally, as well as ATVs. Unfortunately, many injury victims of golf carts are children.

Since golfers at country clubs normally meet for drinks at the clubhouse after a few rounds of golf, many become inebriated, and cause golf cart accidents.

For example, two men speed down a public road at 55 miles per hour in a golf cart. As the golf cart went on its back tires, it tipped over. The men went airborne and crashed in oncoming traffic on the road.

In another instance, three men are reckless as they race across the course and cause a cart pile-up with multiple golf carts in a sand trap.

In another example, a young child was in a golf cart that tipped at high speed onto the side. He flipped out of the open-sided golf cart, and sustained severe injuries.

As the last example, an intoxicated golfer operated his golf cart directly into a lake. He almost lost his life as he attempted to get out of the lake.

Many attorneys are also golfers. Thus, they can empathize with you, if you were in pain and suffering in speeding or a rollover. You may sustain injuries or have lost a family member in a collision of a wrongful death in a golf cart.

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