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Airport Slip & Fall Accidents

Whether or not weary travelers come in or leave any airport, and individuals just pass through the airport, individuals can be relieved most often to be in the relative safety of an airport, as opposed to in an airplane miles above the earth.

The risk of sustaining injuries in the airport, however, can be much greater than in an aircraft, namely when it pertains to slip and fall accidents.

Personal injury attorneys can understand the disappointment and frustration an individual faces when he or she sustained injuries in airport slip & fall accidents.

Attorneys commit to make sure that all parties held liable are responsible for your sustained injuries.

In a number of airport slip & fall accidents, attorneys pursue claims against owners of properties, but vendors and the maintenance company who may play a serious role in allowing the existence of negligence.

Slip and Fall Hazards In Airports

With hundreds of terminal gates and located on nearly thousands of acres, airports possess a number of areas within and outside of airport facilities for slips and falls. 

Most slippery areas, for visitors, are situated inside an airport terminal with more than 160,000 square feet in concession areas alone.

These areas all must be maintained to offer visitors and workers in the airport a passageway that is safe while walking between areas.

Several of the typical problems that can be a cause for falls or slips in airports are the following: airplane ramps that are uneven; wet or waxed floors that are slippery; faulty maintained carpet and flooring; lighting in hallways and bathrooms that are poor; handrails that are loose or broken; entering or exiting escalators and elevators that cause trip hazard; and icy side streets and sidewalks, not to mention runway, when boarding.

There are a number of severe slip and fall injuries which are encountered regularly by commuters at airports. Among the most common and fatal kinds of accidents, which can occur outside of a moving motor vehicle are falls.

Falls are the cause of millions of visits to the emergency room, and thousands of fatalities. Elderly individuals are namely at risk; over 2 million seek healthcare attention, and more than 21,000 fatalities are caused by falls.

Slips and falls can result in critical injuries which can lead to major healthcare expenses, continuing medical requirements, loss of income, and anguish for the individual.

Although many slip and fall injuries in airports because of negligence can be resolved with insurance settlements, it is vital to have legal representation to make sure that the victim is appropriately compensated for all expenses and damages.

Personal injury attorneys are committed to assisting visitors to airports across the nation for sustained injuries from the cleaning companies, operator, and individual airport vendors.

Before you make a decision to speak with an insurance carrier or any other entity regarding your airport slip & fall accidents, discuss your case with an attorney with ample experience who can handle these types of cases.

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