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One of the main concerns about life after divorce is finances. New Hampshire law allows divorcing couples to seek alimony payments, which involve the financially stable spouse providing support for the ex who requires aid. There are two sides to the coin of alimony – either you are being asked to provide your ex with a significant amount of financial support, or your ex isn't providing you with enough.

At The Anzalone Law Firm, our Nashua alimony lawyers understand the difficult nature of seeking alimony from an ex spouse. However, such financial assistance is incredibly important for the wellbeing of a former partner who is suddenly left without a way to support him- or herself. Whether you are seeking alimony or contesting against it, our attorneys can assist you.

What Circumstances Allow for Alimony?

Under New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated Chapter on Divorce and Separation, a person can be awarded alimony if the court finds three aspects to be true concerning the subject. Without all three circumstances met, alimony will not be rewarded.

  1. The party must not have sufficient income and/or property to provide for his or her reasonable needs. This includes the type of living to which he or she became accustomed to in the course of the marriage.

  2. The party who would be providing alimony must be able to meet his or her own reasonable needs while also properly providing for the needs of the recipient.

  3. The party receiving alimony must not be able to properly support him- or herself through appropriate employment or has custody of the party's child, which makes it impossible for him or her to seek proper employment.

Factors for Deciding Alimony

If the courts have decided a party is eligible for alimony, the amount can be influenced by numerous factors. These include occupations of the parties; how long the marriage lasted; amount and source of income; property awarded through divorce settlements; vocational skills; fault in the divorce; and parties' health, age, social standing, and economic status.

Finding Needed Support through Alimony

After a divorce, the circumstances of a person's life can dramatically and quickly change, leaving him or her to deal with the emotional and financial damage that can result. Alimony is meant to help an ex-spouse maintain a proper standard of living for him- or herself as well as any dependent child. Without proper alimony, a divorcee may be thrown into serious financial trouble. The process of proving the need for alimony may often be complex and could put strains on the relationship between ex-spouses, but it may be necessary for those who supported the family in ways separate from being the wage-earner.

Dedicated Legal Representation

At The Anzalone Law Firm, our New Hampshire alimony attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients find the support they require to live a fulfilling life after a divorce. Through the skills and experience we have gained through years of legal representation, we can successfully represent you in your search for alimony or challenge unfair grounds of alimony. For more information concerning how we can assist you in your negotiations, call our offices today.

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