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Child Support

Being a single parent is never simple or easy. For the countless parents raising children on their own in New Hampshire, the balance between providing emotional connection and financial support is challenging. To aid single parents in raising their children, the option to seek child support payments from the other parent is available. While this process can be both complicated and emotionally trying, the New Hampshire child support lawyers at The Anzalone Law Firm work to make such a process as simple and successful as possible for the benefit of the parent and child alike.

If you are considering obtaining child support, it is important that you understand your rights and possibilities under New Hampshire law.

Regulations for New Hampshire Child Support

The laws governing child support in New Hampshire are found under New Hampshire Revised Statutes 458-C, which outline how and why support may be given. Overall, the law states that both parents are responsible for a child's economic support, meaning that not only the parent providing financial support is responsible. Additionally, the standard of living for the children of a support payer should be equal to the standard of living of any children in subsequent families formed by the parent. Finally, the amount of child support is dependent on how many children are being supported, not on the income level of the parent.

Child support will continue to be paid by the parent until the child finished his or her high school education or turns 18, whichever comes later. Support payments can also be ended if the child marries or enlists in the armed services.

The amount of child support given by a parent is determined as follows:

  • 1 Child = 25 percent of net income
  • 2 Children = 33 percent
  • 3 Children = 40 percent
  • 4 or More Children = 45 percent
What Does Child Support Cover?

Child support in New Hampshire is meant to cover the needs of raising a child that a parent must meet on a regular basis. This includes healthcare, education, food, housing, and other factors frequently seen as necessities. As any parent will tell you, raising a child properly is incredibly costly, and doing so without the aid of both parents can easily complicate such matters. Child support is designed to give a child a good quality of life that is not damaged by their parents' divorce or the decisions made by parents that do not affect them. Additionally, all medical expenses incurred by the child will be given child support so that children can recover properly and the parents who raise them do not take on the financial burdens alone.

Finding the Care Your Child Needs

If you are searching for financial support for your child, don't go it alone. The Nashua child support attorneys at The Anzalone Law Firm have the experience and skills in family law to help you find the support your child needs in order to live a fulfilling life. Our legal team is dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients, providing them with the representation that draws from years of skills and experience in order to make the search for child support successful and as quick as possible. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you in your case.

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