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Concussion Accidents

When there are blunt impacts to affect the head region, traumatic brain injuries occur.

Depending on the age of the individual, and the force of overall impact, these injuries can be mild or severe.

A concussion is a kind of brain injury which usually is considered mild, unlike other traumatic brain injuries in comparison. However, the extensive effects are still vastly inconclusive.

Concussion can be referred to as a traumatic brain injury, which results in temporary loss of function.

Although some individuals may become unconscious, for an individual to have a concussion, this is not necessary.

For a concussion, when examined, physicians normally look for the following symptoms, such as: coordination or balance problems; hearing or vision impairment; concentration and memory issues; and strength and reflects reduction.

CT scans can be used to examine more critical injuries. However, they usually are not used if a physician makes the decision the patient is only sustaining a concussion.

Concussions In Personal Injury Cases

The chief cause of traumatic brain injuries, generally, are falls, especially with youth under 14 years of age, or the elderly over 65 years of age.

Automobile collisions are the next most common factor; this can attribute to more than 17% of these sustained injuries.

Injuries of impact, such as sport and bicycle injuries, are slightly less than 17%. Most concussion accidents can be treated with relaxation and rest.

For pain, over-the-counter medicines can be used. Generally, physicians suggest that patients with concussions get plenty of rest, and refrain from vigorous activity until the symptoms have minimized.

In prognosis for those who have sustained injuries in concussion accidents, while most individuals are considered to be able to recover with no extensive effects, there are indications to look investigate.

Individuals who are recovering from any type of concussion should be examined for the following:

During the initial 24 hours, patients should be awakened from sleep to ensure they are not unconscious. This should be done every few hours.

Worsening headache, slurred speech, and vomiting can be signs of a blood clot or a stroke, which can develop from the concussion.

Pupils may be uneven in size.

Several complications which may evolve from the concussion are the following:

Individuals who sustained a concussion can double any risk of developing over the next five years epilepsy.

If an individual has more than one brain injury or concussion within a lifetime, there is proof that these multiple injuries can cause impaired brain function that may be progressively diminishing.

The formation of a blood clot can occur, and result in blockage or loss of oxygen to cause death and permanent damage.

Attorneys who are legal advocates can monitor closely the developments in the healthcare world pertaining to the impact of concussion accidents on individuals involved in motorcycle crashes, vehicle collisions, and bicycle accidents. These are only a few of the kinds of personal injury cases where individuals tend to suffer from closed head injuries.

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