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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in New Hampshire can result in life-altering penalties that affect an individual years after he or she was originally arrested. The hefty fines, lengthy prison time, and criminal record that results from a conviction can harm a person’s financial, personal, and professional wellbeing. Being charged with such a crime can be overwhelming and frightening to many.

For the sake of your immediate wellbeing and future defense against criminal charges, it is vital that you find an experienced legal team that will not only inform you of your rights, but begin working on defending them in court.

The Nashua drug crime defense lawyers at The Anzalone Law Firm are focused on providing skilled representation tailored to the unique circumstances and charges that each client faces. By calling our law office, you will better understand your charges and the legal options that are available to you through a free consultation.

New Hampshire’s Drug Regulations

New Hampshire has strict laws concerning drugs, also referred to as "controlled substances" in New Hampshire’s Criminal Code. Should a person be found guilty of possessing or otherwise using these substances, he or she can be charged with a multitude of crimes. Under New Hampshire law, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and many other substances are illegal to possess, sell, manufacture, or transport.

The Effects of a Conviction

Being convicted of a drug crime means that a defendant will be subjected to a wide range of penalties that are deemed appropriate by the court and jury members. Some drugs, such as marijuana, and certain actions, such as simple possession, have less severe potential penalties. However, this can still result in one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. However, drugs like cocaine and heroin will be immediately identified as a felony crime and can result in decades in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for possession of larger amounts of the drug or actions such as manufacturing and distributing.

Even after all prison time has been served and all fines are paid, a New Hampshire resident may still feel the effects of a conviction. Having a criminal record may result in difficulty finding employment and these penalties may have caused serious hardship for finances and personal relationships.

Crafting a Defense

When facing a criminal charge, it is important to remember that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, meaning that prosecutors must work toward proving that a defendant committed the crime. The defense will work toward disproving the claims, evidence, and testimony of the prosecution through their own evidence and testimony.

In some cases the defense will work to outright disprove the claims of the prosecution. However, it may be in your best interest to work toward lowering the charges and potential penalties that are being sought. In doing so, years of prison time and thousands of dollars in fines can be avoided in favor of lower level charges. This can be done though fighting the charges in court or accepting a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Additionally, alternative sentences are available. Rather than spend time in jail, it is possible that a defendant can be out on probation on the stipulation that he or she completes rehabilitation programs, submits to testing, and reports to a corrections officer. In addition to a chance for a drug free future, a defendant will be able to avoid a mark on his or her criminal record.

Defending Your Future

Do not let yourself or a loved one face such serious charges without the aid of a skilled lawyer. A New Hampshire drug crime defense attorney at The Anzalone Law Firm has the insight and resources needed to properly represent you in all stages of your legal proceeding. For more information on our history of success and how we can protect your future wellbeing, call us at 603.548.3797.

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