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Private Bus Accident

Private bus accident attorneys in Nashua recognize how a lapse in judgment of a motorist, or delayed maintenance by the operator of the bus can result in a collision, which can injure passengers, as well as other motorists.

Bus accident attorneys have pursued bus collision cases across the state that involve buses operated by both private and public users. Bus accident attorneys have a team of qualified investigators that are called upon regularly to investigate the scene of a bus collision anywhere across the state.

If you have sustained injuries, or a family member was killed in a bus accident, contact the best private bus accident attorney in the state. Attorneys will investigate your legal case and file a bus accident lawsuit when required.

Generally, buses are defined as vehicles designated to transport ten or more passengers, not including the driver. As operators who transport the general public, bus drivers are normally considered common carriers under state law, and are held to a standard of care that is highest, which require bus drivers to take all precautions necessary to protect its passengers.

State bus accidents, despite these precautions, can normally lead to catastrophic injuries and even deaths, usually due to the fault of the bus operator.

When these kinds of accidents occur, it can leave the injured individual and his or her family with personal losses, financial hardships, and large healthcare bills.

Buses Involved in Collisions

According to recent research by the safety administration, approximately 11,000 bus collisions each year within a 20 year duration reported injuries that occurred.

Per year, these accidents resulted in approximately 21,000 to nearly 43,000 injuries.

Most fatal bus collisions occur with school children, the youngest of passengers. In the deadly accidents that occurred which involved buses within a 10 year duration, the highest percentage were school buses: of all fatal bus collisions, 40% involved school buses; of all fatal bus collisions, 35% involved transit buses; and of all fatal bus collisions, 12% pertained to inter-city buses.

When an individual becomes injured in a bus accident, the situation is much more intricate than that of a passenger motor vehicle collision.

There may be a variety of entities involved in addition to bus collision attorneys, which depends on the owner of the bus, who maintains the bus, for whom the bus driver works, and those insurance companies involved.

Companies will have an expert of team attorneys on their side, and will attempt to pay them as little as possible for any damage caused to an individual injured.

You should always be mindful that insurance companies are in business ultimately to make money. They are not always in the mindset to give fair monetary compensation for collisions covered under their policies.

Prior to attempting to handle these negotiations by yourself, consult with a private bus accident attorney to assist you with the legal questions and concerns.

You or your loved one may have been injured while riding a bus, or maybe even under the supervision of a bus driver.

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