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Amtrak Worker Injuries

Have you been injured while working at Amtrak? Has your workers compensation claim been denied? Or, maybe the amount of compensation you were expecting to receive is a lot less than you deserve. Regardless of the situation, our personal injury lawyer in Nashua, New Hampshire is here to assist you with your claim.

There’s one important thing to consider - whether your accident was due to the fault of your own or not, you are entitled to receive workers compensation benefits for your accident injuries. The type of compensation entitled you are entitled to receive includes recovery for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and loss of income.

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Common Amtrak Employee Injuries

When working at any kind of transportation company or railroad, employees are aware that there certain dangers and hazards involved. Here are a few common Amtrak worker injuries that people have android.

Train Collisions and Derailment:

Train collisions and derailment are considered one of the most deadly accidents that an employee can experience. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a train collision, you are entitled to receive monetary compensation.

Defective Equipment Malfunction: There are instances when equipment will malfunction regardless of the amount of safety precautions an employee may take. Some injuries are difficult to prevent, especially when it comes to a defective part that causes equipment to fail. As a result, this could cause serious bodily injuries and even permanent life-threatening injuries. These types of njuries are due to the fault of the manufacturer and not the employee.

Pinch Point Injuries: It is not uncommon for an Amtrak employee to experience pinch injuries. A pinch point injury is when an employee gets stuck in the middle of pinch points. A pinch point is when a group of train cars that contain several moving parts are linked to each other, such as brake lines and couplings.

Inadequate Safety Training: When workers do not receive sufficient safety training, accidents will occur, especially in a dangerous environment. Many injuries are preventable. However, when employees do not have full access to equipment that will help reduce the risk of serious injuries, this will increase the risk of accidents greatly.

Toxic Substance Exposure:

Often times, when employees work in a rail yard or close to where trains are operated, they are exposed to dangerous fumes and toxic substances. When employees work in this type of environment they can be exposed to contaminants that can trigger respiratory problems and even terminal illnesses, such as lung cancer.

If you or your loved one are suffering from Amtrak employee injuries, you will need a good lawyer who is well versed on personal injury and workers compensation cases. For a free review of your personal injury case, contact us or call our law office at: 603.548.3797.

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