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Beauty & Nail Salon Injury

There is nothing like having a nice manicure, pedicure or given the spa treatment at a nail salon. A full service salon that offers manicures, pedicures and hair services are even better. In the United States alone, over 375,000 nail technicians are providing nail salon services. Although some salons have become more health conscious, by using organic and environmentally friendly products, there are many salons that are the exact opposite.

All nail technicians have one thing in common, they are all at risk for injury and possible health hazards daily.

Both workers and customers are exposed to toxic chemicals found in nail polish remover, nail polish, nail glues, and other salon products. Many nail salon workers and customers have experienced a multitude of skin disorders and respiratory illnesses. Many of the effects of nail salon toxic chemicals may not happen instantly. Most illnesses caused by hazardous chemicals tend to occur over time following frequent use.

Common Salon Products with Toxic Chemicals
  • butyl acetate
  • toluene
  • dibutyl phthalate
  • methyl ethyl ketone
  • ethyl acetate
  • formaldehyde

Here are common health problems many employees and customers experience in nail salons endure:

  • asthma
  • dermatitis
  • skin disorders
  • skin infections
  • liver disease
  • reproductive loss

In addition to the health hazards above, many employees are at serious risk for infections when they come in contact with a customer’s blood or skin.

Toxic products are not the only cause for injury and health related problems. Slips and falls are common accidents that happen at salons.

Personal Injury Attorney for Beauty & Nail Salon Injury

Burn injuries: When salon employees are reckless when it comes to handling their nail drying equipment, wax hair dryers, and even curling irons, customers can be seriously burned. A good example of a severe burn caused by salon would be 2nd° burns and even worse.

Head Injuries: Fallen objects and salon equipment, such as mirrors, light fixtures, ceiling tiles and heavy lamps.

Cuts and Disfigurement: Scissors, tweezers and other sharp salon instruments that can cause serious injuries - if they are not used properly.

Falls and Slips: Spilled water, hair coloring, shampoos, and cut hair particles can easily cause slip and falls if they are not cleaned up properly. Salons that are negligent at keeping their floors clean and dry could be held liable for damages.

Serious Infections: The New Hampshire Board of Cosmetology requires nail technicians, and other licensed salon employees, to keep their salons well-maintained. Salons that aren’t well-maintained run the risk of not only being sued, but they can be fined or even shut down. It is imperative that salon owners and salon employees keep their equipment and tools clean, especially nail technicians. Nail technicians are required to sterilize their tools and change their sterilization liquids. Otherwise, they will place their clients at risk for a serious infections.

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