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Injured Temporary Workers

Across the United States, much of the manual labor is administered by temporary workers; this is because it enables companies to employ workers for specific projects, and to prevent the need to offer benefits to employees who are in the workplace only during the interim.

Generally, the assumption is that temporary agencies have the responsibility to provide worker’s compensation coverage, and for injured workers, assume the liability; however, agencies will usually attempt to divert the liability to the client.

Injured temporary workers, when this happens, are usually required to wait for a dispute between the two companies to be resolved prior to receiving the care necessary.

Increased Risks for Temporary Workers

Temporary workers have a critical disadvantage when it comes to the fact they are hardly considered employees of the clients or companies, for which they work.

Naturally, they are placed in to a gray area; this is due to the fact many of the protections and rights afforded by employees are not always guaranteed to them.

To add insult to injury, temporary workers are much more likely to sustain injuries in the workplace than regular employees. This is due to the fact temporary workers are specifically hired for hazardous projects.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, declares that it is the responsibility of employers to offer workers with a safe environment in the workplace by offering the equipment and training necessary to reduce the number of injured temporary workers.

However, temporary workers as opposed to full-time employees are not as proficient; full-time employees, in performing their duties, have years of experience.

Temporary workers usually have a brief duration of time to learn different functions, and are normally required for seasonal work or special projects.

Studies have proven that temp workers are 50% more apt to sustain injuries, which makes their status less likely to report an incident or injury out of fear the temp agency, for which they work, will refuse them subsequent assignments.

In fact, these workers are employed by certain clients, and they will ensure they do not return to the workplace due to an injury. Naturally, injured temporary workers will have minimal chances of being selected elsewhere for jobs.

Among the reasons many temporary workers never attain compensation entitled to them subsequent to an injury is that they are uncertain about their rights regarding this matter.

Temporary workers are not employees; thus, they may not be ensured worker’s compensation. However, there are legal routes which can be pursued to guarantee they recover fair damages for the care of sustained injuries, as well as any permanent disability endured.

While temporary employment agencies, and the clients dispute over who should be held liable for forcing an injured worker to work, that temporary worker may not be receiving the personalized treatment necessary for full recovery.

Attorneys can commit on your behalf to ensure that your voice and your legal rights are considered to be serious in the lawsuit.

Workplace injury attorneys can assist you as you learn what legal options and resources are available to make certain you receive full compensation and title to you for sustained injuries.

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