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Undocumented Immigrant Worker Injuries

Including immigrants without documentation, some may work among the most hazardous jobs in the United States.Immigrants

Carpentry, ironworking, bricklaying, demolition, and construction work, as well as painting at high-level elevations, can be quite hazardous; these dangers are not forgiving to whomever is in the United States, legally or illegally.

Many immigrants find employment chiefly in the restaurant business.

For the immigrants who work to deliver catered food, a bicycle is necessary at times.

Automobiles, unfortunately, often drive carelessly or speed, to pose a critical danger to individuals on bicycles.

If a delivery man on a bicycle is injured or struck by a vehicle, he is not only entitled to attain worker’s compensation benefits, but he may sue the vehicle owner and/or the vehicle operator that struck him.

In the circumstance that the delivery man was killed, not only can his loved ones receive benefits for worker’s compensation, but his surviving spouse and/or family members may sue the vehicle owner and/or vehicle operator directly.

Accidents with Immigrants That Involve Machines

Members of the community who work in commercial factories and bakeries are usually required to use dangerous equipment and machinery.

Metal polishers and dough mixing machines, for example, have rapidly moving blades, and powerful motors, or grinding wheels.

These machines too often do not come with the proper guards or features of safety, like emergency shut-off switches.

An arm, a hand, or head may become injured and trapped in the machinery. Conveyor belts can also pose a critical danger of sustained injury.

Properly or improperly documented, immigrants have similar rights as any other United States resident to make a claim, or sue to attain financial compensation for sustained undocumented immigrant worker injuries because of an accident due to another person’s negligence.

This is a guaranteed right by the United States Constitution. Sustained undocumented immigrant worker injuries in the workplace will usually have to be dealt with the insurance companies of the employer.

The insurance companies, in several cases, may offer a settlement quickly, and seek aggressively to have these individual sign.

These agreements, however, normally fail to include subsequent financial needs; they may also prevent victims from pursuing subsequent legal action.

Initially, some employers may attempt to intimidate undocumented immigrant workers who sustained injuries with threats to deport; however, these claims are baseless.

Attorneys have decades of experience in being aware that any fear of deportation can sometimes interfere with a lawsuit to recover entitled financial damages.

It is the judgment of attorneys, furthermore, that there has never been any establishment in connection between pursuing a claim, and a later action pursued by authorities of immigration against an undocumented immigrant.

If you or a loved one is connected to undocumented immigrant worker injuries due to a workplace accident, you have legal rights, protected by law, to pursue a claim.

You should speak with an attorney immediately, who has skills, expertise, and experience in handling these type of accident cases.

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