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Diesel Exhaust Exposure Injuries

The majority of motor vehicles are powered by diesel engines in the industry of transportation, from locomotives and trucks, to equipment on the loading dock, which, well into the decade of the 1980s, was powered by diesel fuel.

There has long been suspicions confirmed via recent research that extended exposure to particulate and fumes produced by diesel fuel has a substantial impact on health and well-being.

Diesel Connected to Extensive Medical Complications

Hundreds of chemicals are discovered in diesel fumes and can have adverse medical consequences; these substances entail cyanide, less, formaldehyde, benzene, and arsenic.

Microscopic particles are also emitted from diesel exhaust, which can enter and harm the lungs, and accumulate in the lymph system, to result in a host of medical concerns.

Conditions associated with exposure to diesel exhaust entail medical conditions such as asthma, emphysema, heart ailments, and chronic obstructive lung disease.

Major transportation companies haven’t been forthright to employees regarding the risk in working around diesel exhaust. However, there has been plenty of evidence mounting of harmful exposure over decades.

Offering personal protection equipment and warning employees, these risks could have vastly diminished diesel exhaust exposure injuries.

Any individual with job duties that include being around diesel engines can be at risk of the adverse medical impacts connected to exhaust and fume exposure.

In the transportation sector, diesel engines may be most prevalent. However, farmers, construction workers, excavation workers, and any individual driving a vehicle powered by diesel can develop heart or lung-related illnesses if, during a prolonged period, they remain exposed.

Workers with diesel exhaust exposure injuries, or loved ones of individuals who have been killed from conditions associated with diesel exhausts have a myriad of available legal resources to receive full compensation.

Among the undeniable rights which all employees have are worker’s compensation benefits.

If the responsibilities of a worker require that individual to work with and around equipment powered by diesel, and the individual develops a medical condition in relation to exhaust exposure, the employer is stipulated to offer compensation for any cost of healthcare treatment, and during recovery, a portion of the wages of the worker.

If the medical condition caused a disability or death of a worker, additional compensation is available.

If the legal claim can be proven that an employer neglected to warn employees of a danger, or offer personal protection equipment that was reasonable to minimize any risk of negative medical effects, any individual with diesel exhaust exposure injuries can file, as well, a lawsuit for recouping more damages, which can cover what the compensation benefits may not.

If a jury suspects that an employer acted with unmitigated disregard for the health of the workers, then it is likely to pursue punitive damages.

If you or a member of the family has developed a critical medical condition because of extensive exposure to Diesel engine exhausts, under state law, attorneys can assist you in entitled compensation.

They can demand accountability as well from the employer for neglecting to communicate properly any risks well documented over a decade.

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