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Worker’s Compensation Claims for Police & Firemen

Among the bravest people are police officers and firefighters; they put themselves in harm’s way regularly in order to safeguard, serve, and rescue us.

Work compensation attorneys with an understanding of workplace injuries believe that the dedication and courage of these men and women entitle them to receive care of the highest quality when they sustain injuries on the job.

The law, fortunately, also offers special protections to individuals who place their lives, health, and bodies on the line for each one of us.

If you are a law enforcement officer, paramedic, firefighter, or another public worker who sustained injuries on duty, attorneys can assist you with worker’s compensation claims for police & firemen.

The Complexity of Police and Firefighter Claims

It is not unlikely for a number of police officers and firefighters to work side jobs simply to support their families, while also responsible for serving us; many times, employers are aware of these additional jobs.

Thus, if one of these individuals sustained injuries while in the line of duty, it can affect his or her ability to go back to either job. Naturally, this can jeopardize his or her finances and ability to support a family.

When filing claims for worker’s compensation, some public employees can lose their benefits as a result of the additional jobs not being considered during the time of filing.

Working for the public can also ensure added scrutiny and bureaucracy from superiors when workers file worker’s compensation claims for police & firemen, and sustain injuries.

Prior to receiving any entitled compensation, many public workers typically feel as if they are forced to go the whole nine yards, so to speak.

In this economy, department heads are normally pressured to minimize the liability of the departments, which can result in illegal and unfair treatment of worker’s compensation claims for police & firemen.

Paramedics, police officers, firefighters, and other responders to emergencies are afforded the Worker’s Compensation Act, which expands on the kinds of injuries that qualify for financial compensation, that entail any kind of injury caused by respiratory and lung diseases, contact with bloodborne pathogens, hypertension, hernias, heart conditions, hearing loss, cancer, and tuberculosis.

Naturally, this is in addition to any other kind of injury, which can directly result in administering one's duties.

If you have sustained an injury on the job as a firefighter or police officer, and need to know more about your legal rights, a workers compensation attorney can answer your questions.

Work injury attorneys assist thousands of clients in filing claims for workers compensation, and lawsuits against third-parties who are negligent for their harm.

Workplace injury attorneys have experience representing paramedics, firefighters, and police officers with these kinds of cases, and can assist to maximize the value of your legal claim via exploring legal avenues to recover damages.

Arrange for an attorney to review your legal options, and compile any information necessary to work diligently on your case.

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